About us

Brazil Cult is a global retailer of BRAZILian CULTure items, such as Vinyl Records, CD, Brazil Cult Movies in VHS & DVD, Books, Memorabilia & Collectibles, Vintage Musical Instruments and much more. All the products we offer are carefully chosen with care, concern and also commitment to a fairly trading with our clients. In a word: PASSION! After all, whenever you believe in what you do, all people involved achieve high standards, no matter whether they are clients/friends or the BRAZILian CULTure team.

Brazilian Music and Art, in all forms, represent life and passion for everyone involved with Brazilcult.com! Besides, all employees perform some kind of artistic manifestation. All of us are musicians or painters, illustrators or writers. We are committed with (and love!) the items we offer. According to our philosophy, there is no other way to work and live!

Passion is vital when running a business! We are specialized on Brazilian music and arts cause we’re daily committed with it. And people know (and feel) the actual difference between dealing with someone who is passionate from someone who just knows the matter by name. Passion is essential when selling art and collectible items. Take a look at some feedback replays from our costumers at eBay and check it by yourselves: eBay clients' feedback.

In our opinion, the most important in the deal is our customer — in other words, YOU! Your satisfaction is our business!

All items we sell have 30-day guarantee from the date of shipment for worldwide shipping and 10-day guarantee after the date of receiving the package for shipping to Brazil! For whatever reason you may present, all products can be returned, if you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase.

Our business follows a golden rule: we must treat others the way we’d like to be treated! Each client is unique and must be treated in such a way they feel so!

Brazil Cult’s main goal is to improve each day into better service, focusing your needs. That’s why it is fundamental that you report any complaint, doubt or impression of any sort related to our service (You can do it, by clicking here!). Presently (and ever!) our main competitor is what we did yesterday — what was excellent then may get even better!

We have in stock more than 30,000 carefully selected items from the BRAZILian CULTure. We hope you have a really enjoyable trip around BRAZILian CULTure World!

Thanks for your time and attention. And welcome to the Brazilian Culture world!

Brazilcult.com © 2023. All rights reserved.

Brazilcult.com © 2023. All rights reserved. BrazilCult.com