Caetano Veloso
"Caetano Veloso" (1968)

Technical Information
  • Artist: Caetano Veloso
  • Title: “Caetano Veloso” (Debut)
  • Recording Label: Philips
  • Company #: R 765.026 L
  • Made in: Brazil
  • Year: 1968
  • Sound Reproduction Format: MONO
  • Jacket Material: Plain Paper
  • Media: Vinyl Records 12" LP
  • Playing Speed: 331/3 RPM
  • Number of tracks: 12 tracks
  • Obs: The Philips 2nd pressing is on STEREO and the jacket is a shiny paper (not laminated).
Personnel & Credits
  • Special Guests: Beat Boys, Musikantiga, RC-7 and Os Mutantes
  • Arrangements by: Julio Medaglia, Sandino Hohagen and Damiano Cozzella
  • Produced by: Manuel Barenbein
  • Songs written by: Caetano Veloso, Capinan, Gilberto Gil, Ferreira Gullar and Rogério Duarte.
  • Art-Cover by: Rogério Duarte
  • Photo by: David Drew Zingg.
Tracking List

Side A

1. TROPICALIA (with Beat Boys) (arrangements by Júlio Medaglia)
2. CLARICE (arrangements by Júlio Medaglia)
3. NO DIA QUE EU VIM-ME EMBORA (with Beat Boys)
4. ALEGRIA, ALEGRIA (with Beat Boys)
5. ONDE ANDARÁS (arrangements by Júlio Medaglia)
6. ANUNCIAÇÃO (with Musikantiga) (arrangements by Sandino Hohagen)

Side B

1. SUPERBACANA (with RC-7)
2. PAISAGEM ÚTIL (arrangements by Damiano Cozzella)
3. CLARA (with Musikantiga)(arrangements by Sandino Hohagen)
4. SOY LOCO POR TI, AMÉRICA (with Beat Boys)
5. AVE-MARIA (arrangements by Sandino Hohagen)
6. ÊLES (with Os Mutantes)

More description and Photos

CAETANO VELOSO - "CAETANO VELOSO" - The Caetano's starting point to Tropicalia. His first solo album, originally recorded at 1968 on Philips blue label.

Featuring: Beat Boys, Os Mutantes, RC-7 and Musikantiga.

One of the most important early Tropicalia album.

This album is the first boot of Tropicalia movement on an authorial album.
Essential listening!!!

Please do take a look to the Tropical cover!

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