Psychedelic & Experimental

Psychedelic (Psych) is, by definition, a name given to the culture of people who use psychedelic drugs (mainly Marijuana, LSD, Mushroom Tea, Mescaline and Ayahuasca) aiming alter consciousness expecting to achieve mind's expansion and, then, generate artwork and music. It is commonly associated to the hippie movement, the Rock Music and the "Acids Tests" experiments, promoted by Timothy Leary & Ken Kesey.

Nowadays, this concept became wider and refers to all art generated by altered consciousness, associated with drugs or not. We add the term “Experimental” for those Psychedelic artists that also tried to experience new sounds concepts. Do not mix this word with the Erudite Experimental Avant-Garde Music (Random Music, Dodecaphonic Music, Electro Acoustic Music, Serialism, Noise Music etc.).

In Brazil, some artists that represents the Psychedelic (Psych) are: O Terço, Mutantes, Novos Baianos, Zé Ramalho & Lula Cortes, Rita Lee, Raul Seixas, Bixo da Seda, Walter Franco, Luiza Maria, Guilherme Lamounier, Recordando o Vale das Maçãs, Marconi Notaro, Módulo 1000, Ave Sangria, Paulo Bagunça, Black Zé, Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias, A Bolha, Bango, Damião Experiença, Flaviola, Bené Fonteles, Os Lobos, Liverpool, Perfume Azul do Sol, Spectrum, Aratanha Azul.

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