How we pack Vinyl records

Vinyl and Shellac (78 RPM) records

Don't worry about our packaging.

We use brand new top-of-the-line materials (we want your items arrive safe and in PERFECT condition).

Bellow, our procedures step by step:

When necessary, the record will be cleaned in a VPI Record washer Machine (using the ORIGINAL fluid).

In the sequence, we use an anti-static gun.

The album is shipped with the record / inner sleeve OUTSIDE the jacket to avoid damages / splits.

Wrapping the record and its jacket, we use a plastic bag. And tape the bag on the first strong high density 1,5 cm styrofoam plate.

Now, it's time to "sandwich" the album with the second strong styrofoam plate and involve it, when necessary with the bubble wrap protection.

The item is packed inside a brand new cardboard box.

Now it's labeled, weighted and ready to be delivered to the Brazilian Mail.


That's our normal shipping procedure. We have never had any problems or damages in sending vinyl and shellac (78 RPM) worldwide for more than 15 years. For Schellac (78 RPM) we use each package for each record.

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