Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho
(2-record Set - Gatefold with 9-page booklet)

Technical Information

Artist: Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho
Title: "Paêbirú"
Recording Label: Solar / Rozenblit
Company #: 100.001
Made in: Brazil
Year: 1975
Sound Reproduction Format: STEREO
Jacket Format: Gatefold / 9 - page Booklet
Jacket Material: Laminated jacket
Media: Vinyl Records 12" LP
Playing Speed: 331/3 RPM
Number of tracks: 10 tracks
Observation: This album comes with 2 records.

Personnel & Credits

Produced by: Abrakadabra.
Musicians: Zé Ramalho, Lula Côrtes, Alceu Valença, Geraldo Azevedo, Jarbas Mariz, Kátia Mesel, Don Tronxo, Ivinho, Marconi Notaro, Agrício Noya, Israel Semente (Proibida), Paulo Raphael, Zé da Flauta, Laílson and others...

Songs written by: Zé Ramalho, Lula Côrtes, Geraldo Azevedo and studio improvising (grooves) by musicians...
Art Cover by: Katia Mesel.
Photos by: Fred Mesel and Paulinho da Macedonia.

Tracking List

Side A - (TERRA - EARTH)​

1. Trilha do Sumé
     Culto à Terra
     Bailado das Múcárias

Side B - (AR - AIR)

1. Harpa dos Ares
2. Não Existe Molhado Igual ao Pranto
3. OMM

Side C -  (FOGO - FIRE)​

1. Raga dos Raios
2. Nas Paredes da Pedra Encantada
   os Segredos Talhados por Sumé
3. Maracás de Fogo

Side D - (ÁGUA - WATER)

1. Louvação à Iemanjá
    Regato da Montanha
2. Beira Mar
3. Pedra Templo Animal

More description and Photos

Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho - "Paêbirú" - O caminho da Montanha do Sol - Brazilian Psychedelic freak Experimental Progressive Underground Record. Gatefold with 2-record set plus 8-page color booklet. Independent record, pressed by the experimental Solar label - a crazy arm from the small and regional Rozenblit company - Recife, Pernambuco state, in Brazil.



As we all know from the legend, in may of 1975, the Rozenblit Record Company was located at the edge of the Capibaribe River, in the city of Recife, capital of the northeastern state of Pernambuco. The 1,000 initials copies of Paêbirú had just been produced, when the Capibaribe River suddenly overflowed and flooded a large part of the company building. With a mighty effort, they managed to save only 300 copies of this record, which nowadays lay in the hands of a very few lucky record collectors worldwide. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE FEW REMAINING COPIES...


This album is considered as the MOST IMPORTANT of the Brazilian Psychedelic movement called "Desbunde Nordestino". It's TOP MEGA MEGA RAAAAAAAAAARE – There are only 300 copies worldwide!!! It's a CREAM of Brazilian Psychedelic!


The album is divided between Terra, Ar, Fogo, Agua (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). One element to name each of the four sides of the double LP.

It mixes Fuzz guitar with Brazilian percussion like Berimbau, Atabaques
and Tricordio (a Popular Morocco Sitar), Acoustic steel guitar, effects and voices.

A spatial sound mixed with Brazilian northeastern regional. Experimental recording techniques!
Acid trips grooved with traditional plenty of melodies using Mixolydian, Mixo #11 and Dorian modes / scales.

"Paêbirú is the rarest LP from Brazil. This concept masterpiece takes you to an acid trip into the Brazilian rain forest. Full of sounds, acoustic instruments and heavy fuzz guitar. If you like Ceremony from Japan you'll love this one"(

It's a SUPERB album, a Cream of Brazilian Psychedelic!
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